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Finding God's Grace

  • Who are the Lepers of Today?
    “The Lord gave me, Brother Francis, thus to begin doing penance in this way: for when I was in sin, it seemed too bitter for me to see lepers.  And the Lord Himself led me among them and I showed mercy to them.  And when I left them, what had see…
    - 9 days ago19 Feb 17, 3:14pm -
  • Homeless in Nashville
    “The people in the parks, the alcoholics, the homeless, they are looking at you.  Do not be those who look and do not see.”  -Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta I recently returned from a business trip to Nashville.  It was a great time spent w…
    - 16 days ago12 Feb 17, 3:00pm -
  • An Irregular Guy
    Father, God chose the foolish of the world to shame the wise, and God chose the weak of the world to shame the strong, and God chose the lowly and despised of the world, those who count for nothing, to reduce to nothing those who are something, so th…
    - 30 days ago29 Jan 17, 2:44pm -
  • Well Known or Worth Knowing?
    “Worry not that no one knows of you; seek to be worth knowing.” –Confucius “Seek To Be Worth Knowing Rather Than Be Well Known” – Anonymous We live in a time of instant stardom and notoriety.  People go from relative obscurity to fame ov…
    - 37 days ago22 Jan 17, 3:02pm -
  • Scars- We All Have Them!
    “Other times, I look at my scars and see something else: a girl who was trying to cope with something horrible that she should never have had to live through at all. My scars show pain and suffering, but they also show my will to survive. They’re…
    - 44 days ago15 Jan 17, 2:04pm -
  • Finding God’s Grace Top 10 List for 2016
    2016 was another great year for Finding God’s Grace. By the grace of God we continued our forth straight year of uninterrupted Sunday morning posts and we completed our third year of Wednesday Podcasts, now over 160 in all! In 2016, I am honored to…
    - 51 days ago8 Jan 17, 2:35pm -
  • More or Less
    “Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.” — Romans 12:2 I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but I do lik…
    - 58 days ago1 Jan 17, 2:36pm -

Lisa Graas

  • December 2, 2016: The night we were saved by our guardian angels
    On the night of December 2, 2016, I was driving my daughter Bethany, age 16, to her uncles house to make Christmas pies. Every year, they make about 40 pecan pies and deliver them to friends and family. We were driving at around 50-55 mph (the speed…
    - 79 days ago11 Dec 16, 9:37am -
  • Bill Warner says 95% of Christian pastors in Nashville are cowards
    What has happened to us (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists and all others) that we are no longer able to have moral outrage? Righteous anger? Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam opines that 95% of Christian pastors in Nashv…
    - 90 days ago30 Nov 16, 11:47pm -
  • What happens if you question the Pope?
    What happens if you question the Pope? Well, if you’re a cardinal, you could have your red hat taken away. So says Monsignor Vito Pinto, a defender of Pope Francis. Cardinals Walter Brandmüller, Raymond Burke, Carlo Caffarra and Joachim Meisner as…
    - 90 days ago30 Nov 16, 4:12pm -
  • The Remnant: Francis cannot be ignored
    On November 24, I wrote an article agreeing with Dr. Jeff Mirus that we should essentially ignore Pope Francis. The Remnant offers a counter-argument to Dr. Mirus’ position. Francis cannot be ignored. On the contrary, the faithful must be ever vigi…
    - 91 days ago29 Nov 16, 10:01am -
  • Jesus is coming
    In the Gospel reading for Sunday, November 27, 2016, we are warned to prepare for Jesus as He will come again, and we do not know at which hour He will come. Jesus said to his disciples: “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming o…
    - 94 days ago27 Nov 16, 2:18am -
  • A Thanksgiving Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump
    - 96 days ago24 Nov 16, 11:36am -
  • Pope Francis: The Bookmark Pope
    Very early in the papacy of Pope Francis, I reached the height of my frustration with the seemingly endless confusion he prompted within me and within the laity altogether. It was at this point that it dawned on me that the Church is much bigger than…
    - 97 days ago24 Nov 16, 1:48am -

Love Alone Creates

  • Anything is Possible
    Everyone has a dream.  For most of us, that dream involves worldly success, accolades, and the acquisition of wealth.  We loosely define this as “the American Dream,” elusive as it may be.  But for others who do not desire the enticements of t…
    - 6 days ago22 Feb 17, 1:00pm -
  • Captain Catholic Answers Your Questions!
    Many of us are sort of swimming in this sea of uncertainty surrounding the political climate these days.  As a Catholic voter, I’m usually not torn about how to cast my vote each year, but this past year for the presidential election was particula…
    - 13 days ago15 Feb 17, 1:00pm -
  • The Strangers at the Manger
    If anyone is familiar with Lisa Hendey, s/he knows that Lisa is a Catholic powerhouse.  For over ten years now, Lisa has been evangelizing internationally through her speaking engagements, book writing, editing, and radio show.  Her work with Catho…
    - 20 days ago8 Feb 17, 1:00pm -
  • You Can Help the Poor
    As Catholics, we believe strongly in caring for all people and creation, which is evidenced in the Catholic social teaching doctrine.  Among the concepts of solidarity, subsidiarity, caring for creation, and sanctity of human life/dignity of the per…
    - 27 days ago1 Feb 17, 1:00pm -
  • Making Sense of Innocent Suffering
    “I feel that abortion is often the moral, ethical choice. There are many situations where an abortion is an unselfish, loving, motherly act that prevents the child from a short or long life of pain and suffering, abuse, and even rejection, fear, et…
    - 34 days ago25 Jan 17, 1:00pm -
  • A Powerful Prayer
    A friend and fellow author, Shane Kapler, mentioned his newest book, Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and for some reason I didn’t fully grasp what this meant from the title alone.  When I opened up this beautifully illustrated boo…
    - 41 days ago19 Jan 17, 12:04am -
  • Come, Holy Spirit!
    In Dr. Kevin Vost’s newest book, The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Every Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to God’s Invincible Gifts, he illustrates with eloquence yet practical relevance the Thomistic (St. Thomas Aquinas) and Bonaventurean (St. Bona…
    - 48 days ago11 Jan 17, 1:00pm -

David Torkington

  • St Francis of Assisi – Part 9 – The Whole World is a Friary
    When St Francis of Assisi had rebuilt a tumbledown little church given to him by the Benedictines he called it St Mary of the Angels. It was here, over 800 years ago that he heard God speaking to him through the Gospels whilst attending Mass.The pos…
    - 7 days ago21 Feb 17, 10:48pm -
  • Christian Mysticism and its Counterfeit
    The Vatican document on New Age Spirituality is subtitled, Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Life – A Christian reflection on the New Age. Published in 2003, it insists that a clear understanding of our own tradition is the best antidote to…
    - 11 days ago17 Feb 17, 10:49pm -
  • St Francis of Assisi – Part 8 – The Gospel Way of Life
    Francis chose a very specific way of life in which to embrace ‘Lady Poverty’ and it was quite unique. It was quite simply the way of life as lived by Jesus and his followers before the Resurrection.The post St Francis of Assisi – Part 8 – Th…
    - 24 days ago4 Feb 17, 11:18pm -
  • The Resolution to end all Resolutions
    A hermit I know used to say, “When you stop falling you will be in heaven, but when you stop getting up, you will be in hell.” The fact of the matter is, we all fall. The secret of spiritual growth is how long we take to get up again. The post T…
    - 25 days ago3 Feb 17, 11:21pm -
  • St Francis of Assisi – Part 7 – Lady Poverty
    Ever since Charlemagne was enthroned as Holy Roman Emperor in AD 800 Europe gradually became a safer place in which to live.The post St Francis of Assisi – Part 7 – Lady Poverty appeared first on David Torkington.
    - 41 days ago19 Jan 17, 12:04am -
  • Pray as You Can, Not as You Can’t
    I was determined to leave my mark before leaving school, but, as I could not make it in the academic field, I decided that I would have to do it on the athletic field. The post Pray as You Can, Not as You Can’t appeared first on David Torkington.
    - 43 days ago17 Jan 17, 1:17am -
  • Thoughts on Epiphany – Twelfth Night
    This is the world-shaking news that we are reminded of each Christmas as we celebrate the first coming of Christ in history so that he can come to us every day of our lives in mystery, to make his home within us here on earth.The post Thoughts on Ep…
    - 54 days ago6 Jan 17, 1:19am -

Patti Maguire Armstrong

  • Prayers Answered for a Deathbed Conversion
     I believe my prayers contributed to a deathbed conversion. There were surely other prayers at work, but mine were in the mix. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working, (James 5:16).A Catholic I knew had a relative across…
    - 2 days ago26 Feb 17, 10:06pm -
  • Skip the Glitter and Take Ashes As Mother Teresa Would
    If you notice any glittery crosses on foreheads this Ash Wednesday, March 1, it’s a sham. Offering glitz in place of the cross is a counterfeit of what it means to follow Jesus.   What’s with the glitter?  In the article "'Glitter Ash Wedne…
    - 9 days ago20 Feb 17, 2:06am -
  • Dear Bill Nye: Stop Promoting Abortion with Fake Science!
    Dear Bill, I watched your YouTube video Bill Nye: Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies?  I see the bow tie is still there and noticed that your human cells, begun at conception, have advanced into old age. Retirement is not servin…
    - 13 days ago15 Feb 17, 2:05pm -
  • A Sign from Above During Adoration
    I had already turned in my article to the National Catholic Register on “Our Blessed Mother, the Stress Expert.”  (To be published soon.) I was onto other things by that time. Then, during adoration, God let me know I had completely overlooked s…
    - 17 days ago11 Feb 17, 3:26pm -
  • Pro-Life Troops Advance into Enemy Territory
    The dueling Marches are over. Opposition was an underlying theme based on the organizers insistence: No Pro-lifers Welcome vs. All Life is Welcome.  Now is the next phase of engagement—advancing directly into pro-abortion territory.  Put on your…
    - 22 days ago6 Feb 17, 6:08pm -
  • Bishop Paprocki: Protect Yourself in Enemy Territory
     “This universe is at war,” C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity. During an interview with Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the diocese of Springfield, Illinois for an upcoming article with the National Catholic Register about exorcism in the US, he referred…
    - 33 days ago26 Jan 17, 7:03pm -
  • Questions for the Women of the March
    We’ve seen the numbers and heard the roars. Now, I have a question for the women of the March on DC. Why are you making abortion the defining issue of womanhood? Fracturing between women who defend abortion and those who defend life is a big fault…
    - 37 days ago22 Jan 17, 8:38pm -

Footprints on the Journey

  • Giving Up and Letting Go
    The one-bedroom apartment where my husband and I live hasn’t looked as good as it does right now since we first moved in. We have both been on a purging kick lately so there is a sizeable difference in the... Continue Reading →
    - 5 days ago23 Feb 17, 8:59pm -
  • Death of an Icon
     Mary Tyler Moore, famous actress and producer, died Jan. 25 in Greenwich, Connecticut at the age of 80. Best known for her roles on the “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and “Mary Tyler Moore Show” which aired in the 60s... Continue Reading →
    - 33 days ago26 Jan 17, 4:44pm -
  • Down for the Count
    In elementary school, any time I was sick and had to stay at home, I’d watch one of the Rocky movies. You see, one of my older brothers used to work nights loading trucks and those movies were his favorite.... Continue Reading →
    - 39 days ago20 Jan 17, 3:27pm -
  • Songs and Stories of the Season
    The voice of Christmas crooner Andy Williams came through the radio this morning as my husband and I made our way to work. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” he sang from the classic song of the same... Continue Reading →
    - 88 days ago2 Dec 16, 4:16pm -
  • The Perfect Preparation
    Somewhere between the turkey and the pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner at my sister in law’s house, I began to think about a word that always seems to get more use around the holidays—gratitude.   But I can totally understand... Continue Readin…
    - 92 days ago28 Nov 16, 9:25pm -
  • A ‘Super’ Wedding
    This past weekend, my husband and I attended a wedding that could have been right out of the pages of book—a comic book. The bride and groom had selected a superhero theme for their wedding.   Underneath his gray suit,... Continue Reading →
    - 98 days ago22 Nov 16, 8:15pm -
  • A Change in the Weather
    I love the sound of leaves rustling in the trees, and the crunch they make when they are dried and crushed under my feet. When those first cool bursts of air reach my lungs when I step outside in the... Continue Reading →
    - 25 Oct 16, 6:23pm -

A Living Monstrance

  • Back in Boston
    I am now back in Boston. Come and check out the latest update at In Boston
    - 17 days ago11 Feb 17, 7:51pm -
  • What It Is To Follow Jesus Christ
    The day after I returned from the community Alao to Quito, I decided to head over to the bishop’s office in Quito, to see if I could set up an appointment with him. As I’ve been going around to four different dioceses in this stay in Ecuador, it…
    - 24 days ago4 Feb 17, 11:52am -
  • Keep The Memories
    At the beginning of January, I spent 4 days in the indigenous community of Alao in Ecuador, sharing with the people and being a sort of messenger and ambassador for their relatives in Massachusetts who had prepared gifts to give them. On the last day…
    - 25 days ago3 Feb 17, 8:55pm -
  • Part Of The Family
    A few years ago after getting back from Ecuador, I entered into a church in Boston to a Mass and afterwards met a few young Ecuadorians in the church. Wow, I thought to myself, that’s weird. Later on in the year, I returned to Ecuador, and I decide…
    - 26 days ago2 Feb 17, 8:57pm -
  • Let The Waves Pass
    Before the New Year, I was in the town of San Isidro in Ecuador. San Isidro was hit hard by the earthquake back in April, and some friends and I had come with supplies. I had decided to return and spend Christmas time with the people. When I got ther…
    - 26 days ago2 Feb 17, 11:21am -
  • It’s Time For A Pruning
    The gods must be crazy. That was the name of a comedy movie from 1980, about an indigenous South African who is on a mission to return a coca-cola bottle to the civilized world. You can imagine the possibilities for humor about the human condition. A…
    - 27 days ago1 Feb 17, 11:34pm -
  • Firstborn Belonging
    Shorty after Jesus is born, he is presented in the Temple. In the law of the Israelites, every first-born boy had to be consecrated to God with the offer of a small sacrifice. To understand why, we have to go back in time to when the Israelites were…
    - 59 days ago31 Dec 16, 10:18pm -

These Stone Walls

  • A Catholic Scandal Molested by a Predatory News Media
    No First Amendment or Freedom of the Press advocate expects news media to ignore Catholic scandal, but some in the news media have been predators of another sort. I had a recent exchange of messages with Jennifer Haigh, a very accomplished author who…
    - 6 days ago22 Feb 17, 6:09am -
  • Shanghai Knights – George Orwell’s 1984 – Religious Liberty
    A fateful day for Chen Kewei; why George Orwell’s 1984 now tops the 2017 Best Seller lists; and the future of Religious Liberty; this week behind These Stone Walls. A few times a year on These Stone Walls, I feel compelled to add a post script to s…
    - 13 days ago15 Feb 17, 5:42am -
  • David Clohessy resigns SNAP in Alleged Kickback Scheme
    David Clohessy, activist director of the Survivors’ Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), resigned after a SNAP employee sued citing a lawyer kickback scheme. We do not have many headlines like this one on These Stone Walls. It has the look an…
    - 20 days ago8 Feb 17, 5:38am -
  • Trust: The Great Divine Mercy Challenge of Our Time
    Consecration to Divine Mercy has a price tag, the surrender of distrust and the embrace of an icon of faith who trusted that the Lord’s promises would be fulfilled. When I write a post for These Stone Walls, I try not to be too long winded, but I a…
    - 27 days ago1 Feb 17, 5:48am -
  • Hebrews 13:3: Writing Just This Side of the Gates of Hell
    These Stone Walls is written in the chaos of an overcrowded, underfunded, understaffed prison. It’s time to inject a dose of reality into the politics of punishment. “From the prodigious hills of New Hampshire, let freedom ring!” (Martin Luther…
    - 34 days ago25 Jan 17, 5:49am -

Daily Grace with Tony Agnesi

  • Shalom Tidings February-March Issue
    My thanks to Shalom Tidings magazine for including my article, I’m All In, in the February-March issue.  Shalom Tidings is an outstanding Charismatic Catholic publication featuring great Catholic writing by people like Alan Scott, Strahlen Grace,…
    - 8 days ago21 Feb 17, 1:21am -
  • One Life
    **I saw this post on the Internet.  I don’t know Ray and Mary Jo but I loved their story.  It speaks volumes!** This is the first day of “9 Days for Life” and my wife Mary Jo and I volunteered to participate. This is not about politics, legal…
    - 28 Oct 16, 1:00pm -
  • Seven Sorrows of Mary
    For the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, we reflect on each and offer an Our Father and 7 Hail Marys for each. The Prophecy of Simeon. (Luke 2:34–35) The Escape and Flight into Egypt. (Matthew 2:13) The Loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple of Jerusal…
    - 15 Sep 16, 2:59pm -
  • Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta
    Earlier today, Blessed Mother Teresa became a saint at a mass of canonization overnight in Rome.  Today we get to celebrate Saint Teresa who has long been a personal hero of mine. Today, I like to share a review of the most recent book of her never…
    - 4 Sep 16, 1:30pm -
  • Sandy
    Last Friday, I attended the funeral of a long time business associate and friend.  Sandy was a wonderful woman.  She was manager, mentor and mother all rolled into one person, always available to her staff, friends and the community. For the past d…
    - 30 Aug 16, 1:00pm -
  • Think Joyful Thoughts
    Saw this great reflection from my Facebook friend Father John Catoir, who I enjoyed for years as the host of The Christopher’s television program.  Thought you would enjoy it. Thinking joyful thoughts… takes less time. Adding a smile to your fac…
    - 24 Aug 16, 2:26am -
  • Hugs
    Today I received this response from an article I wrote called The Value of a Good Hug. Tony, Ashamed to say, divorced. Children grown and never see or my grands. Never get hug or touched.  Recently, I went to stay at the home of a friend. Her husban…
    - 22 Aug 16, 7:17pm -

Harvesting Fruits of Contemplation

  • newEucharistic Reflection -Become Altogether Beautiful, Pure and Good
    (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)"As mountain hares become white in winter because they neither see nor eat anything but snow, so by adoring and feeding on beauty, purity and goodness itself in theEucharist, you will become altogether beautiful, pure…
    - 6 hours ago28 Feb 17, 10:30am -
  • Fall In Love Again - I Thirst For Your Love
    There is a crisis in the Church - I Thirst for Your Love is trying to do something it!
    - 1 day ago27 Feb 17, 10:30am -
  • Pondering Tidbits of Truth - February 23, 2017
    Photo©Michael SeagriffPondering Tidbits of Truth is my simple and inadequate way of providing nuggets of spiritual wisdom for you to chew on from time to timeFather Federico Suarez"If there are so many Christians who today live aimlessly with littl…
    - 5 days ago23 Feb 17, 10:30am -
  • Worth Revisiting - Just Eat The Pork Under Protest!
    Thank you Allison Gingras  (Reconciled To You) and Elizabeth Riordan (Theology Is A Verb) for hosting Worth Revisiting. Be sure to stop there every Wednesday. You will enjoy your visits.Here is my contribution: Just Eat The Pork Under Protest! (…
    - 6 days ago22 Feb 17, 11:01am -
  • Eucharistic Reflection - Food For Your Salvation and Nourishment In This Life
    (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)Dearest daughter, contemplate the marvelous state of the soul who receives this bread of life, this food of angels, as she ought. When she receives this Sacrament she lives in Me and I in her. Just as the fish is in…
    - 7 days ago21 Feb 17, 10:30am -
  • Monday Musings – Don’t Tickle My Ears – Tell Me The Truth
    After reading a recent syndicated column in my Diocesan newspaper, I could not remain silent. The columnist, Father Ron Rolheiser, a well-known Catholic priest and theologian, criticized a brother priest who had had the courage to preach the Truth.(…
    - 8 days ago20 Feb 17, 7:24pm -
  • Monday Musings - It Is Good For Souls
    As our parish journeys through its fifteenth year of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, I marvel at, and give God thanks for, the hundreds of faithful Adorers who have spent time in His Presence over the years. It is hard to believe that sixty-seven o…
    - 8 days ago20 Feb 17, 10:33am -
  • The Most Foolish Fight
    Assuming you are fighting against a properly formed one:
    - 12 days ago16 Feb 17, 10:30am -

Grow in Virtue

  • When Life Disappoints You
    More Faith & Simplicity. Less Complexity.Sometimes, life just smacks you a good sucker-punch right to the noggin. And often that blow nearly takes your breath away. Life disappoints you beyond measure. Someone you love dies, you lose a job, someone…
    - 20 days ago8 Feb 17, 3:14pm -
  • Prayers. Sacrifices. Trust in God. (An Update on My Mother and Me)
    More Faith & Simplicity. Less Complexity.Many kind and thoughtful people have been sending me messages asking about my mother. Offering their prayers. Offering their help and support. And I am humbled and grateful to a level that I can’t possibly…
    - 30 days ago29 Jan 17, 10:57pm -
  • Please Pray for My Dear Mother
    More Faith & Simplicity. Less Complexity.Many of you may be aware from my Facebook page that my mother, Margaret Rose, suffered a terrible stroke on December 28th. Currently she has been left with the inability to swallow (leaving her on a feeding t…
    - 50 days ago9 Jan 17, 2:10pm -
  • New Years Resolutions for the Soul
    More Faith & Simplicity. Less Complexity.It’s that time of year again. Time to make New Year’s resolutions. Actually, that’s the easy part. The hard part as we all know, is sticking to them. So much so that many people decide never to make res…
    - 60 days ago31 Dec 16, 1:49am -
  • Combating Stress – 2 Ways to do it!
    More Faith & Simplicity. Less Complexity.I don’t need to describe stress. We’ve all become stressed at times, and we all know when it’s happening. But what is important to learn is how to rid ourselves of stress. When stress enters my life, in…
    - 82 days ago8 Dec 16, 8:00pm -
  • Advent – A Preparation for Christmas
    More Faith & Simplicity. Less Complexity.The Meaning of Advent As each year draws to a close, and Christmas fast approaches, we tend to focus on what is obvious – putting up our decorations, trimming our tree, shopping for friends and family and e…
    - 93 days ago27 Nov 16, 12:43pm -
  • One Truth. One Voice.
    More Faith & Simplicity. Less Complexity.So much has happened in the United States this past week. And although one of the most turbulent and disturbing elections in history is now over…for many it seems as if the anger and controversy is just be…
    - 14 Nov 16, 1:07pm -

It Makes Sense to Me

  • Alzheimer’s Keeps Reminding Me Why I Love being Catholic
    IT MAKES SENSE TO MEBy Larry PetersonI have written about my wife, Marty’s, Alzheimer’s Disease several times. This is another. It was unplanned and spontaneous, triggered by the unique world she and I have come to share together. pineterest.comI…
    - 4 days ago24 Feb 17, 12:38pm -
  • He was a Catholic Priest--He was Martyred Because of it--He was only 22 years old--*
    IT MAKES SENSE TO MEBy Larry PetersonThe damnable and malevolent Cristero War was officially considered ended in 1929. But that did not signal the end of the torture, murder and martyrdom of Catholic religious and lay-persons in Mexico.  The followi…
    - 20 days ago9 Feb 17, 12:00am -
  • A Few “Turtle” Thoughts during the March for Life, 2017
    IT MAKES SENSE TO MEBy Larry Peterson              In Florida, sand as white as snow curls up the Gulf Coast from Naples north to the panhandle area with some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. People come from all over the world to…
    - 30 days ago29 Jan 17, 8:36pm -
  • “Ad Orientem”—the Symbolism is Truly Beautiful
    IT MAKES SENSE TO MEBy Larry PetersonLong ago, in a Church somewhat different, I was an altar boy (it was pre Vatican II and we never used the term altar server). It was a time when the Mass was said in Latin and the priest always faced “ad oriente…
    - 43 days ago17 Jan 17, 2:06am -
  • Five Things to Think of from St Joseph’s Perspective
    IT MAKES SENSE TO MEBy Larry PetersonWithin the Christmas narrative I am always drawn to how Good St. Joseph must have felt with the responsibility of  caring for and protecting his immediate family, the Blessed Virgin and The Son of God.  As a man…
    - 50 days ago9 Jan 17, 8:16pm -
  • A Tailor’s Inspiration Brought the World a Pope *
    IT MAKES SENSE TO MEBy Larry PetersonThe influence of St. John of the Cross, the great poet and mystic of the 16th century, reached across the centuries and inspired a simple tailor in Nazi occupied Poland to aspire to sainthood. In turn, this simple…
    - 51 days ago8 Jan 17, 9:00pm -
  • Visiting Homebound Elder-Catholics---A Privilege and sometimes, an Unexpected Challenge
    IT MAKES SENSE TO MEBy Larry PetersonI have been an EMHC (Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion) for over 20 years. I have had the honor and privilege of bringing Holy Communion to many people in many places: hospitals, nursing homes, hospice cent…
    - 52 days ago7 Jan 17, 7:58pm -

David Gray

  • 3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Worship Experience at Mass
    It is a paradox that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is a great Mystery that demands our whole self to be captured by so that our whole self might be set free. Yet, how difficult it is to always be offering the full self at all of the Mass?
    - 30 Jul 16, 4:09am -
  • Pictures of Catholic Churches in St. Maarten, Bonaire and Puerto Rico
    These are some the pictures I took on our Honeymoon from June 22 through June 30, 2016. We boarded the Royal Caribbean 'Adventure of the Seas' Cruise Ship from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and over the course of seven days visited Saint Maarten, Aruba, Bon…
    - 12 Jul 16, 1:35am -
  • Jesus Connects Faith and Humility with Love (Pardon of Sinful Woman)
    The sinful woman doesn't have a bowl of water, a wet cloth, or even a dry cloth, but she gives Jesus everything of value that she believes she does have. She brings to Him all that she has of value; her whole self and an alabaster flask of ointment a…
    - 14 Jun 16, 4:15pm -
  • Final Thoughts on Teaching Theology to Teens
    "My Daughter LOVED Mr. Gray's class. He found a way to make the class fun and interactive. Sometimes he would wear a costume or silly hat that fit the topic. He is an excellent teacher, perfect for Kolbe. I love how Mr. Gray found a way to make the…
    - 8 Jun 16, 3:23pm -
  • Fr. Longenecker and the Longnecking of RadTrads
    If the best Fr. Longenecker can do is a longnecking of the line at Krispy Kreme and close with echoing "We must pray for them, for their healing and conversion!” he's nothing better than those who wonder how in the heck is the country this close to…
    - 28 May 16, 5:23am -
  • The History of the Catholic Idea of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and a Series of Propositions on how Two Become One Flesh
    Using sacred Scripture, writings from the fathers, councils, popes, doctors, Catholic theologians and those who are opposed to the Catholic teaching on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, I intend to communicate the history of the Catholic idea of marri…
    - 20 May 16, 5:11pm -
  • Protestant Convert Adam Crawford on ‘My Catholic Conversion’
    Adam Crawford (of A Faith-Full Life - comes on My Catholic Conversion to talk about how the pursuit of truth and consistency lead him and his whole family home the Catholic Church. Come and listen to this powerful conversio…
    - 19 May 16, 3:54am -

Our Franciscan Fiat

  • newGet Off the Couch!
    I missed posting here this past weekend because I was away, joining my old church youth group for their winter retreat at Camp Wapo near Amery, Wisconsin. The theme of the weekend, which was brought home to us through several skits, drew from Pope F…
    - 14 hours ago28 Feb 17, 2:49am -
  • Leave a Mark!
    I am looking forward to a little trip this weekend (and praying for good travelling weather!). I’ve been invited to again join my home parish (St. Joseph’s Church) youth group on their annual winter ‘retreat.’  This year’s theme is: “Lea…
    - 7 days ago21 Feb 17, 10:51pm -
  • “Contemplating Christ With Mary”
    I got done mixing cookies together with two of our resident ladies before lunch this morning.  (They’re now baked and awaiting blissful consumption by our residents.) This being done, I had twenty minutes before I was needed at the front desk.  I…
    - 11 days ago17 Feb 17, 8:44pm -
  • You Are My All in All
    I planned a special lesson for our Bible Study this morning since this Tuesday’s gathering with our residents landed on the very morning of Valentine’s Day itself. I used readings from 1 Corinthians 13, 1 John, and other love-related passages, in…
    - 14 days ago14 Feb 17, 6:56pm -
  • Enjoy some pictures…

    - 16 days ago12 Feb 17, 2:53pm -
  • Congratulations, St. Gerard’s!
    Let’s take this opportunity to congratulate our Sisters and the staff at St. Gerard’s who worked so hard on the Giving Hearts Day project again this year! It paid off!  St. Gerard’s got second place for their video and also raised over $90,000…
    - 18 days ago10 Feb 17, 4:49pm -
  • Blest Are They
    It was a busy morning… Tuesday mornings are always busy: getting ready for Bible study, setting up for Mass, attending Mass, giving a break to the receptionist on duty, finalizing Bible study preparations and finally leading the group of residents…
    - 21 days ago7 Feb 17, 7:07pm -

Theology is a Verb

  • 1st Things First.
    “To believe in Jesus’ divinity today is to make him and what he stands for your God” Albert Nolan It is to understand Christ as the supreme power in your life, your source of meaning and strength. This approach moves away from a very metaphy…
    - 1 day ago27 Feb 17, 12:00pm -
  • Worth Revisiting: Radical Hospitality
    There has been much talk in recent years within ministry about the notion of radical hospitality. Not merely seeking to embrace those we know, it is an openness albeit a willingness to authentically meet and walk with one another in our weakness, suf…
    - 7 days ago22 Feb 17, 2:56am -
  • Ethics as Improvisation
      Wells, The Drama of Christian Ethics: Improvisation. Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2004. pp. 236. pb. ISBN 1-58743-071-1. Using the backdrop of the five act play, Wells imaginatively interprets the Christian community as players incorporated throug…
    - 8 days ago20 Feb 17, 12:00pm -
  • Worth Revisiting: Love Worth Waiting For
    Those who know my husband and I closely, know that before we ever dated we were best friends. John was a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts and I a freshman at Mount Holyoke College in 1990. In looking back, every detail of our meeting and…
    - 14 days ago15 Feb 17, 1:00am -
  • A Church on the Margins
    Evangelization is at the heart of the church- for to share the Gospel is to consistently invite all to continual renewal of heart and to lives committed to the living out of discipleship. This living out of the Gospel in our lives can be the greatest…
    - 15 days ago13 Feb 17, 12:00pm -
  • Worth Revisiting: A Child’s Perspective “Dear Pope Francis”
    Dear Pope Francis: The Pope Answers Letters from Children Around the World (Loyola Press) With the incredible appeal of Pope Francis, there has been understandably a vast array of books on him or by him featuring his homilies, angelus’, addresses…
    - 20 days ago8 Feb 17, 11:53am -
  • Thy Will Be Done
    Lately these four words have spoken profound volumes in my life. With the busy fast paced work of collaborative parish life, my own vocation as wife and mother, and the decision of putting our own house on the market,there is such solace in this simp…
    - 22 days ago6 Feb 17, 12:00pm -

Virginia Lieto

  • Resisting Happiness, by Matthew Kelly – Book Review

    - 1 day ago27 Feb 17, 1:30pm -
  • Chair of Saint Peter Feast Day
    Today we celebrate a very special feast day: The Chair of Saint Peter. On this day we reflect on Christ’s declaration to make Peter the leader of His Church: …you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherwo…
    - 6 days ago22 Feb 17, 1:30pm -
  • “Presidential” Virtuous Values – A Celebration of Past Presidents
    Today is Presidents Day in the United States. On this day, we celebrate the contributions of past Presidents. What we remember most about these men stems from their character – their virtuous values. Cherishing Virtuous Values For example, we have…
    - 8 days ago20 Feb 17, 1:30pm -
  • What Does It Take to Truly Be Kind? Do You Have It in You?
    Have you ever given it much thought: What does it take to truly be kind? What does it cost you in terms of time, talent or treasure? Be Kind with Your Time In terms of time, it can cost you nothing more than a fleeting second to smile at someone. Or,…
    - 13 days ago15 Feb 17, 1:30pm -
  • Hold on to Hope for Dear Life
    Do you ever give much thought to the afterlife? Or do you live in the here and now? Do you know why you live and what you are living for? Or are you oblivious to your purpose for existence? Did you know that you were created by God to live with Him,…
    - 15 days ago13 Feb 17, 1:30pm -
  • Place Your Confidence in Christ
    In what do you place your confidence? Might it be your own knowledge? Your abilities to conquer any situation? Where does Christ fit into the equation? Do you face this world on your own, or do you place your confidence in Christ? When we place our c…
    - 20 days ago8 Feb 17, 1:30pm -
  • Struggle with Pain; Suffer with Christ
    Do you struggle with pain? I do! I live with congenital clubbed feet. This means that I was born with all of my bones, from my toes to my pelvis, twisted out of alignment. In essence, my feet curve inward, where your feet stand straight. At birth, th…
    - 22 days ago6 Feb 17, 1:30pm -

Single Mom Smiling

  • Grace, Light, & Understanding in Marian Consecration – Finally!
    Two days before the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, I woke already tired. For the past several weeks, I’d been on an arduous journey of Marian Consecration.The post Grace, Light, & Understanding in Marian Consecration – Finally! appeared fir…
    - 2 days ago26 Feb 17, 10:59pm -
  • Feeling Protestant in Marian Consecration
    Sometimes thoughts in your head ricochet like bullets fired into a reinforced tin can. They are so active you can’t catch up with them, figure out how to stop them, or even see them clearly.The post Feeling Protestant in Marian Consecration…
    - 3 days ago25 Feb 17, 5:53pm -
  • Coincidences & the Final Meeting in Marian Consecration
    Three of the first four Tuesdays of our Marian Consecration had been snowed out. I wondered if it was a sign and knew, if the fifth and final Tuesday was also snowed out, that would be the end of it for me.The post Coincidences & the Final M…
    - 7 days ago21 Feb 17, 1:28pm -
  • Hunger, Thirst, & Giving My Heart in Marian Consecration
    I was a child stuck on my path toward Marian Consecration. I could see Mary and the Lord so close on that path but unreachable miles from where my own thoughts had led me.The post Hunger, Thirst, & Giving My Heart in Marian Consecration app…
    - 9 days ago19 Feb 17, 10:16am -
  • Wounds of Divorce on the Path to Marian Consecration
    I began Marian Consecration because I was hungry for a spiritual mentor to help me escape the rut I’d been in. Besides, Marian Consecration seemed like a nice progression to extend a value in Mary I’d discovered only after my husband le…
    - 11 days ago18 Feb 17, 4:06am -

Can We Cana?

  • A Vocation of Change
    Our Spanish relatives, seeped in Old World Catholicism, are a fount of wise sayings like the following: "God doesn't call us to a vocation of sameness. He calls us to a vocation of change." In other words, God doesn't make his will known in a set of…
    - 68 days ago22 Dec 16, 6:55pm -
  • Sometimes Less is More at Christmas
    "I'm not sending out Christmas cards this year," I defiantly announced to my friend Kristin. "That's okay," she replied. "Many years I've had to choose between Christmas cards and sanity. Choose sanity, and your family will thank you."Sometimes we fe…
    - 74 days ago16 Dec 16, 5:30pm -
  • 12 Gifts that Keep Christ in Christmas (2016 Edition)
    This year, I'm combining my Christmas gift suggestions with my annual post on Best Catholic Books I Read in the past year. Because if you're a bookworm like me, books will always make the best gifts. Here are my top picks for married couples, mothers…
    - 82 days ago8 Dec 16, 3:38pm -
  • 4 Good and Not-So-Good Reasons for Doing the Right Thing
    No matter what our religion, most of us want to do the right thing. We could argue all day long what the right thing is. Sometimes it's objectively clear -- don't murder, don't rape, don't steal. Sometimes it's a judgment call. But underneath it all…
    - 88 days ago2 Dec 16, 7:16pm -
  • From Grief to Grace: A Treasured Addition to My Bookshelf
    As a mom of six, I’ve been privileged to hear many birth stories. In From Grief to Grace, author Jeannie Ewing recounts one of the most transcendent I’ve ever heard – the story of her daughter Sarah, born with a rare genetic condition called Ap…
    - 18 Nov 16, 7:45pm -
  • How to Find Everlasting Love (and Keep It!)
    Angie at Yellow Pelican blog is  a star supporter of Catholic marriage and family. Her recent post "The Good Thing Christian Husbands and Wives Should Always Do in the Bedroom" was sensitive, insightful, and spot on. So,  I was thrilled when she as…
    - 11 Nov 16, 9:52pm -
  • Why This Is the Only Political Post I'll Write This Election Season
    Politics can make enemies out of people who would otherwise be friends. I've never seen clearer examples of this than during the 2016 presidential campaign season. My Facebook feed is filled with grim announcements of "purges" -- people who are refus…
    - 3 Nov 16, 3:44pm -

Big C Catholics

  • newRecalling Cardinal Ratzinger's Prophesy on the Future of the Church in Preparation for Lent
    With Lent just hours away, let us reflect on our lives as disciples of Christ and as members of His mystical body that is the Church on earth. Anyone old enough to remember the election of Pope Saint John Paul II, nearly forty years ago, can recall a…
    - 18 hours ago27 Feb 17, 10:20pm -
  • newTwenty-Five Ways to Observe Lent
    Here, for your consideration, is our annual compilation of ways to observe the season of Lent. Lent is a time of enormous grace and spiritual renewal. It is a period of solemnity, reflection and repentance in the weeks leading up to Holy Week and the…
    - 19 hours ago27 Feb 17, 10:17pm -
  • Lent 2017: Observing the Disciplines of This Penitential Season | A Faithful Catholic’s Guide
    From its earliest days, the Church has urged the baptized and catechumens to observe the threefold discipline of fasting, almsgiving, and prayer as a preparation for the celebration of Easter. Failure to observe individual days of penance is not cons…
    - 1 day ago27 Feb 17, 4:19pm -
  • Reflection on the First Sunday of Lent, Matthew 4:1-11
    Crucifixion of Jesus icon, Moldovita Monastery, Moldavia, Romania.The First Sunday of Lent, March 5, 2011By Father Bernard BourgeoisGenesis 2:7-9, 3:1-7; Psalm 51; Romans 5:12-19; Matthew 4:1-11What are your memories of Lent? Are they of Friday fish…
    - 2 days ago26 Feb 17, 6:37pm -
  • Homily for the 1st Sunday in Lent, March 5, 2017, Year A
    Fr. Charles IrvinSenior PriestDiocese of Lansing(Click here for today’s readings)“And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” I have often pondered over the meaning of those final words in the Lord’s Prayer and I want to pay so…
    - 2 days ago26 Feb 17, 6:30pm -

Catholic Conundrum

  • God's Mercy is Scandalous???
    The author Fr. James Mallon has been known for this statement.  The first time I read it, I did a double take.  Scandalous?  What? It seems to me that God's mercy and scandal should be pointing  in the exact  opposite direction.  But then I beg…
    - 4 days ago24 Feb 17, 5:53pm -
  • Positive Thinking...With Some Interesting Words
    Inner healing, physical healing, forgiveness, freedom from addiction, and the cutting of soul ties.     Don't these words bring up lots of fuzzy feelings?  Well, although you might not doodle bubble hearts of sentiment around them, I hope  that…
    - 12 days ago16 Feb 17, 7:27pm -
  • St. Valentine Duct Tape Craft Video!
    Happy St. Valentine's Day!!!!Looking for a craft to do with the kids today?  Here's a video to show you how to make some really cute duct tape flowers!!As we remember the great witness of love that we find in St. Valentine, let's really focus on lov…
    - 14 days ago14 Feb 17, 2:06pm -
  • The Honesty of 6th-Graders
    Sometimes I just love the honesty of 6th graders!  The other day, I was helping out at our parish Edge program for 6-8 graders, and the kids at my table were pondering the Bible passage about the woman who needed three measures of yeast for her leav…
    - 19 days ago9 Feb 17, 9:26pm -
  • New St. Charm Tutorial:  St. Therese the Little Flower!!
    So…Justina's had many requests for this one!  We decided that a tutorial of a Chibi Charm about the beautiful St. Therese would be a great idea to share in time for St. Valentine's Day.  (The little rose theme?)   Both kids an adults would love…
    - 19 days ago9 Feb 17, 8:42pm -
  • New Lego & Craft Challenge: Our Lady of Lourdes!
    Since the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes is on February 11th, we'd like to put out a new Lego and Craft Challenge!Miraculous Lady: Our Lady of LourdesDepict a creation relating the story of St. Bernadette and Our Lady of Lourdes! If you need inspirati…
    - 22 days ago7 Feb 17, 3:20am -
  • Real Footage of the Teen Take Team at the March for Life!
    Last Friday, Julia and Justina from the Teen Take Team went to the March for Life in D.C.  Recording their experience via iPhone, they have condensed their footage into a short video trip to give a teen's eye view of what it was like to be with thei…
    - 25 days ago3 Feb 17, 6:10pm -

Catholic Fire

  • newLenten Reading 2017
    With Lent upon us, it’s time to consider what you will be reading to help you grow in holiness. Here are my recommendations: 1. Bringing Lent Home with St. Thérèse of Lisieux: Prayers, Reflections, and Activities for Families by Donna-Marie Coop…
    - 10 hours ago28 Feb 17, 7:06am -
  • Blessed Maria Caridad Brader, Foundress
    On February 27, the Church commemorates Blessed Maria Caridad Brader (1860-1943), Foundress of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate. She was an unusually intelligent child who had an intense love for Jesus Christ and devotion…
    - 1 day ago27 Feb 17, 7:02am -
  • St. Peter Damian, Bishop and Doctor of the Church
    The saint of the day for February 21 is St. Peter Damian, Bishop and Doctor of the Church, who was one of the Church’s greatest reformers in the Middle Ages. Peter was the youngest child born to a large family in Ravenna, Italy in 1007. His parents…
    - 7 days ago21 Feb 17, 5:31am -
  • Blessed Francisco and Jacinto Marto
      Today we commemorate Blessed Francisco and Jacinto Marto, the visionaries at Fatima. Francisco,(June 11, 1908 – April 4, 1919) 11, and Jacinta (March 11, 1910 – February 20, 1920), 10, are the youngest non-martyrs to be beatified in the histor…
    - 9 days ago20 Feb 17, 2:53am -
  • Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servites
    February 17 is the memorial of the Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servites. These seven men were born into noble families in 13th century Florence, which was torn by political strife and filled with heresy. The city was decadent and religion was…
    - 12 days ago17 Feb 17, 4:32am -
  • St. Claude de la Colombiere: Apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
    The saint of the day for February 15 is St. Claude de la Colombiere, a Jesuit missionary, who was the brilliant and pious spiritual director of St. Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. While he is best known for his association with St. Margaret Mary Alaco…
    - 13 days ago15 Feb 17, 5:52am -
  • St. Catherine de’ Ricci: Dominican Mystic
    On February 13, we commemorate the great Dominican mystic and stigmatist, St. Catherine de’ Ricci (1522-1590), who was a Dominican nun, of the Third Order, enclosed in a convent at that time. She is the patron of sick people. Alessandrina Lucrezia…
    - 15 days ago13 Feb 17, 5:05am -

A Catholic Citizen in America

  • A Catholic Citizen in America: New Location
    The good news is still that Blogger's changes haven't made images in my posts here unviewable. (May 6-16, 2016)Instead of jumping through the hoops necessary to keep track of what I've been showing you, and accommodate Blogger's — caution? — abou…
    - 12 Jul 16, 2:30am -
  • Death in Orlando: Love and Solidarity
    The 49 folks killed at an Orlando entertainment venue late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, and the person who killed them, are still dead. Others are hospitalized, and may or may not survive. A whole lot of folks are mourning the loss of family…
    - 15 Jun 16, 4:13am -
  • Mass Murder in Orlando
    I'd be writing a longer, more detailed, post about this; but still haven't resolved some technical issues. (May 6, 2016; updated May 16, 2016)A young man killed more than four dozen folks at an entertainment venue last night/early this morning. He to…
    - 12 Jun 16, 7:15pm -
  • Elijah and Pushing a Rock
    10th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2016:1 Kings 17:17-24Galatians 1:11-19Luke 7:11-17Third Sunday of Easter, 2016by Deacon Lawrence N. Kaas June 5, 2016I have chosen to speak to you today on our first reading, from 1st Kings. In part because I couldn't be…
    - 5 Jun 16, 2:00pm -
  • Technical Issues: and an Apology
    Update (May 16, 2016)Good news: the "fix" option may have been automatically applied to some existing posts.Sort-of-good-news: quite a few existing posts got "fixed" without my doing a thing to them. Even better: the images actually appear as they we…
    - 6 May 16, 1:00pm -
  • When Life Isn't Ideal: "Amoris Laetitia"
    Something I found on page 59 of "Amoris Laetitia"1 is an example of why I love being Catholic — common sense, drawing on the Church's experience and wisdom, developed by dealing with people for two millennia.Some folks have been having conniptions…
    - 1 May 16, 1:00pm -
  • Cryonics, Smallpox, and Pope Pius VII
    I remember when heart transplants were front-page international news, not local human interest stories: and when oral polio vaccine replaced injections. I really do not miss the 'good old days.' I remember them, and they weren't.I also remember when…
    - 29 Apr 16, 1:00pm -

Leonie's Longing

  • newMonday Memes #93
    The post Monday Memes #93 appeared first on Leonie's Longing.
    - 23 hours ago27 Feb 17, 5:20pm -
  • Monday Memes #92
    The post Monday Memes #92 appeared first on Leonie's Longing.
    - 7 days ago21 Feb 17, 7:44am -
  • Monday Memes #91
    The post Monday Memes #91 appeared first on Leonie's Longing.
    - 15 days ago13 Feb 17, 9:20pm -
  • Monday Memes #90
    Blog Mistress has a mad Monday… meme gets mislaid!The post Monday Memes #90 appeared first on Leonie's Longing.
    - 21 days ago7 Feb 17, 10:27pm -
  • Monday Memes #89
    The post Monday Memes #89 appeared first on Leonie's Longing.
    - 29 days ago30 Jan 17, 9:38pm -
  • Book Review: Sister Mary Baruch – The Early Years
    By Rosemaria. “My name is Baruch; I know, it’s not a girl’s name, but it’s my name… Mary Baruch, which gives it a nice feminine flavor, yes?… Like all the nuns that came before me, I was dying  to know what name I would receive… I was…
    - 34 days ago25 Jan 17, 10:40pm -
  • Monday Memes #88
     The post Monday Memes #88 appeared first on Leonie's Longing.
    - 36 days ago23 Jan 17, 10:13pm -

Catholic Light-Radical Faith and Trust

  • newIn Partial Praise of Pharisees - Crisis Magazine
    In Partial Praise of Pharisees - Crisis Magazine: "The Pharisees tend to get a bad rap. Okay, maybe they deserve the criticism. But at the peak of their power they were known as a revolutionary movement. They were like T-totalers without a self-cont…
    - 12 hours ago28 Feb 17, 4:44am -
  • new13 Saint Quotes that Reveal the Mystical Nature of the Mass
    13 Saint Quotes that Reveal the Mystical Nature of the Mass
    - 13 hours ago28 Feb 17, 4:18am -
  • newMary-Eyes

    - 19 hours ago27 Feb 17, 9:49pm -
  • newAsh Wednesday Prayer

    - 19 hours ago27 Feb 17, 9:22pm -
  • newWarrior Princess Child of God

    - 22 hours ago27 Feb 17, 6:54pm -
  • newHoly Fear
    “For I have learnt for a fact that nothing so effectively obtains, retains, and regains grace, as that we should always be found not high-minded before God, but filled with holy fear.” -St. Bernard“We must fear God out of love, not love him out…
    - 22 hours ago27 Feb 17, 6:30pm -
  • newAre Your Lents Disappointing? Maybe Stop Doing it Alone
    Are Your Lents Disappointing? Maybe Stop Doing it Alone: "I recently finished a book about rites of passage for Catholic men and boys.  One of the main purposes of a rite of passage, at least for the adolescent transition to manhood, was to establi…
    - 23 hours ago27 Feb 17, 5:52pm -

Joy of 9

  • newPope Francis: A Corrupt Creation, Christian Hope, and Rebirth
    On February 22, Pope Francis continued his catechesis on the importance of Christian hope in the face sin during his weekly General Audience. Although his reflections focused on the corruption of creation, they are not the opinions of a left-leaning…
    - 23 hours ago27 Feb 17, 6:14pm -
  • Complicating Simplicity
    Prayer is simple. Prayer is child’s play, the relationship between God and His children. So, why do humans love to complicate something that is child’s play? Perhaps this following joke explains how people love to complicate God’s simplicity.…
    - 7 days ago22 Feb 17, 4:31am -
  • Book Review: Meeting God in the Upper Room
    Meeting God in the Upper Room: Three Moments to Change Your Life (Servant, 2017) is a compelling, well-written narrative which engages the interest of modern readers while explaining traditional Catholic teaching and history at the same time. Msgr…
    - 11 days ago18 Feb 17, 1:21am -
  • Uniting with Christ Through our Senses in the Catholic Church
    How do we perceive the Divine and communicate with God as beings who have both physical and spiritual senses? Some ascetics might try to starve their physical senses to sharpen their inner senses but such a notion seems to me to be contrary to Cathol…
    - 14 days ago15 Feb 17, 4:02am -
  • Lord, Save Me From Myself
    Today’s Gospel: Mark 7:14-23 The Gospel passage today focuses on the problem of evil. It would be a depressing scripture if it were not for the reality and power of the Cross because evil is so deeply ingrained in our being that we really do not h…
    - 20 days ago8 Feb 17, 4:48pm -
  • Pray, Listen THEN Evangelize
    To evangelize is to make the Kingdom of God present in our world- Pope Francis
    - 21 days ago8 Feb 17, 1:05am -
  • When a Fish Tries To Fly
    Consider these quotes from the saints: “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!” -St. Catherine of Sienna “The nation doesn’t simply need what we have. It needs what we are.” -St. Teresia Benedicta (Edith Stein)…
    - 28 days ago1 Feb 17, 3:02am -

Reconciled to You

  • Lenten Walk: Prayer and Community
    Lent Begins Wednesday, March 1stWINE Lenten Book ClubLent is legit my favorite season of the Church. I know that sounds strange since Lent is a time of sacrifice and penance. It is not typically associated with the joy and excitement of season of cel…
    - 4 days ago24 Feb 17, 8:00am -
  • #WorthRevisit:  What Jesus has in Common with Shepherds
    The Lord is my shepherd;  there is nothing I lack.  (Psalm 23:1)Learning from the SheepWhat could a shepherd possibly provide me that would leave me lacking of nothing? Though familiar with this famous psalm, it was not until recently that I starte…
    - 7 days ago22 Feb 17, 2:04am -
  • A Lenten Overachiever #HowILent
    The Lent 2017 Kickoff Here we are at the beginning of another Lent.  I am not sure when my Lenten love affair began, but I can tell you that it is currently in full bloom!   I feel energized during this time of sacrifice. The grace of a Christian…
    - 8 days ago20 Feb 17, 8:00am -
  • Friday Flashbacks: Rosebushes, Reflections & more
    Truth Hidden in a RosebushThe story of what I learned about prayer the first time seeking St. Therese's intercession. All I was asking for was help finding a boyfriend, landing a new job and buying a car ... simple request I thought; until I landed i…
    - 9 days ago19 Feb 17, 5:42am -
  • Please Don't Give UP Social Media this Lent
    Really. Please don't leave Social Media for Lent.  I understand that many people use this hiatus to spend time working on their own personal spiritual growth; and I can completely respect that HOWEVER.... please don't completely disappear for 40 day…
    - 13 days ago15 Feb 17, 8:00am -

Snoring Scholar

  • Born on Mary’s Feast
    Being born on the feast of Mary, Mother of God is no small thing. This is the story of how my daughter was born on Mary's feast day.This post Born on Mary’s Feast appeared first on Snoring Scholar.
    - 58 days ago2 Jan 17, 2:00am -
  • My Favorite Recipe: Notsanga
    Twice-modified from a Rachael Ray recipe. 2 16oz cans of Spaghetti Sauce 1 lb short-cut pasta such as rotini or penne1 16oz bag of shredded cheese – mozzarella works best 1 lb of ground beef, sausage, or pepperoni (or omit the meat for a great Lent…
    - 87 days ago3 Dec 16, 12:26pm -
  • Ungifted: Here’s Why 11-Year-Old Fern Calls It a 5-Star Read
    Fern (age 11) reads and reviews Ungifted, by Gordon Korman. Turns out she loves it, and what she has to say piques my interest, too!This post Ungifted: Here’s Why 11-Year-Old Fern Calls It a 5-Star Read appeared first on Snoring Scholar.
    - 30 Oct 16, 4:24pm -
  • 6 People Every Mom’s Met at Mass
    There are at least 6 people every mom's met at Mass...each of them inspiring a different prayer response...This post 6 People Every Mom’s Met at Mass appeared first on Snoring Scholar.
    - 12 Oct 16, 2:21am -
  • Celebrating Our Lady of the Rosary…and an Interview
    An essay about Mary and the Rosary to celebrate today's feast of Our Lady of the Rosary...and a bonus link to an interview I forgot all about that posted today at Aleteia.This post Celebrating Our Lady of the Rosary…and an Interview appeared first…
    - 7 Oct 16, 6:05pm -
  • One-Minute Reviews: Taste and See and Beautiful Mercy
    Two short reviews (with links to my longer reviews of each) of books I've read and enjoyed recently: Beautiful Mercy, edited by Matthew Kelly, and Taste and See, by Ginny Kubitz Moyer.This post One-Minute Reviews: Taste and See and Beautiful Mercy a…
    - 4 Oct 16, 1:56pm -
  • Olivia and the Little Way: A 5-Star Read, Says My Daughter
    Fern (age 11) reads Olivia and the Little Way and gives it a hearty 5 stars.This post Olivia and the Little Way: A 5-Star Read, Says My Daughter appeared first on Snoring Scholar.
    - 24 Sep 16, 10:59am -

Embedded Faith

  • Ash Wednesday Covers - 2017
    A few new designs to add to the Ash Wednesday offerings!  The one below is a remake of an older image.    To see some of  my prior years images be sure to check out the  covers in   Ash Wednesday - Lent.   var addthis_config = {"data_track_…
    - 3 days ago25 Feb 17, 9:07pm -
  • Valentines Day Facebook Covers
    Four new covers/images  that can be used for Valentines day or anytime you want to share the LOVE!And be sure to check out these Valentine images from my archives:  14 Valentines from God and Share the Love var addthis_config = {"data_track_addre…
    - 25 days ago3 Feb 17, 4:22pm -
  • The 2016 Christmas Covers!
    This is my favorite time of year to create new covers.  I love trying to mix together images to create what I hope are some unique covers to share  the Good News of this joyous season.     Enjoy these  new covers and have a blessed Christmas ev…
    - 76 days ago14 Dec 16, 4:41pm -
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent  Facebook Cover and Images - Cycle A
    Because of my mixup on the second Sunday of Advent - you will get double your pleasure for  this week.  There are two versions  of each  image (a cover and matching timeline image)  for using the focus of the week as "faith" or  "peace."  My…
    - 76 days ago14 Dec 16, 4:26pm -
  • Third Sunday of Advent Facebook Covers and Images - Cycle A
    Joy, Joy, Joy!  Gaudete Sunday is here!    I hope you enjoy these covers for the third Sunday of Advent (Cycle A Readings). var addthis_config = {"data_track_addressbar":true}; [...]
    - 82 days ago8 Dec 16, 5:00pm -
  • Don't Die a Photocopy!
      I stumbled upon  an article about a young boy,  Carlo Acutis, a 15-year-old Italian boy who died in 2006 of leukemia   and whose life  is currently under review for the cause of beatification.   I was struck by one of his more famous saying…
    - 85 days ago5 Dec 16, 6:28pm -
  • Second Sunday of Advent Facebook Covers and Images - Cycle A
    Two new designs for the Second Sunday of Advent - Cycle A readings for your use!(See 2nd option at bottome of post)OOPS!I made a bit of an error (and no one said anything).  In keeping with my past order of what each week of Advent represents, I mis…
    - 88 days ago2 Dec 16, 8:15pm -

Association of Catholic Women Bloggers

The Catholic Catalogue

  • Taking a break to tackle new projects
    When my mother and I started dreaming up this project four years ago, my oldest son could still fit on the back of my bike. Now he's 5 and has a 2 1/2 year old sister. I've updated this site during that time every single day (including the day I gav…
    - 26 days ago2 Feb 17, 6:05pm -
  • Feast of the Presentation of the Lord aka Candlemas
    Learn about today's feast from our own Melissa Musick after the jump. Learn more about making and praying with candles in our new book.
    - 27 days ago2 Feb 17, 3:30am -
  • TCC Films: Silence
    If you want great Catholic art, support great Catholic artists, writers, and filmmakers. Go see Silence. Melissa Musick's review after the jump:
    - 27 days ago1 Feb 17, 5:52pm -
  • TCC Playlist: Stand for Something by Keida
    People today get their morality from their political party and the state. This is inadequate. We need to have our consciences formed by Christ, to be taught how to love what is good and avoid what is evil. Listen to reggae jam "Stand for Something"…
    - 27 days ago1 Feb 17, 5:33pm -
  • Memorial of St. Brigid of Ireland
    Have a beer today in honor of St. Brigid of Ireland, who is credited with writing this poem, "I would like a great lake of beer for the King of Kings." Read it in its entirety after the jump:
    - 28 days ago1 Feb 17, 3:30am -
  • TCC Playlist: Life Away From the Garden by Damien Jurado
    "When in doubt I put my hand in Your side."In "Life Away From the Garden" Damien Jurado sings about our fallenness and tendency to sin, and the desire to be once again childlike, "light and free." Jurado is a Christian and religious themes often ap…
    - 28 days ago31 Jan 17, 6:02pm -
  • US Catholic Bishops on Refugee Ban
    The Lord Jesus fled the tyranny of Herod.Read the USCCB on President Trump's refugee ban: USCCB on Refugee Ban. Be cautious of Catholics who claim to be more Catholic than the Pope. Many American Catholics seem to think Pope Francis is a fool, but…
    - 28 days ago31 Jan 17, 6:02pm -

Nisi Dominus

  • Saint Valentine, Patron of Agape
       A Cloud of Witnesses The Letter to the Hebrews tells us (Hebrews 12:1) that we live out our life of faith here on earth in view of a “cloud of witnesses”, which is to say our holy predecessors. They watch over us from before the Throne of…
    - 16 days ago12 Feb 17, 12:22pm -
  • Catholicism, Faith, & the Power of Imagination
    Catholicism and Cool Stuff     One of the attractive things about Catholicism is that, traditionally anyway, it has always included a lot of Cool Stuff: gorgeous music and art (a sampling of which I try to showcase on my blog), beautiful churches…
    - 19 days ago9 Feb 17, 12:28pm -
  • Life Sells Chips (or, Chips Sell Life)
    An earlier version of this Worth Revisiting post first appeared on 8 February 2016 on the blog Principium et Finis. To enjoy the work of other faithful Catholic bloggers please see Worth Revisiting Wednesday, hosted by Elizabeth Reardon at theol…
    - 20 days ago8 Feb 17, 11:38am -
  • Killing Is Not Compassion
    I call heaven and earth to witness against you this day, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live, loving the LORD your God, obeying his voice, and cleaving to him .…
    - 23 days ago5 Feb 17, 11:56am -
  • Suffering, Atheism, and The Presentation of The Lord
    (An earlier version of this post was published on The Feast of the Presentation, February 2nd, 2015, on the blog Principium et Finis.)And his father and his mother marveled at what was said about him; and Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mot…
    - 26 days ago2 Feb 17, 12:54pm -
  • Life Sells
    An earlier version of this Worth Revisiting post first appeared as a part of my Sunday Snippets post on 1 February 2015 on the blog Principium et Finis. To enjoy the work of other faithful Catholic bloggers please see Worth Revisiting Wednesday, host…
    - 28 days ago1 Feb 17, 3:13am -
  • The Baptism of the Lord: An Icon of Grace
    The Baptism of Christ by Tintoretto Today we observe Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, and so on the last day of the Christmas Season we celebrate the first event in the Public Ministry of Jesus.  All four Gospels tell of John’s baptism of Je…
    - 50 days ago9 Jan 17, 1:36pm -