How to Submit Your Blog

*New for 2017*

Please note the  following minimum requirements for submitting your blog for consideration on Top Catholic Blogs.

1.  You must have been blogging continuously for at least 6 months.

2.  You must post on a regular schedule a minimum of once a month, although bloggers who post weekly or several times a week will increase their chances of acceptance.

3.  You post must be Catholic in nature and consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

4.  We ask that you add one of our badges (get them under the home tab) or at least a link from your blogroll to you web site.  This not only informs your readers that you are a Top Catholic Blog but it brings additional traffic to your fellow Catholic bloggers as well.

4.  New blogs will be added on a monthly basis.  Please allow a month for acceptance.  You will be notified by email when your blog has been added.

The requirements were added for 2017 because we have had a number of blogs that have not met these minimum standards.  They were taking valuable space away from serious Catholic bloggers.

To submit your site please give us the following information. We need ALL five of these questions answered to consider your blog for submission.

Site name: ?

Site URL: ?

Feed URL: ?

Category: ?

Is this site a podcast?

If all four are not completed, your blog will not be considered. We MUST have your site URL and your FEED URL! Submit your blog for consideration here. Be sure to include both the site URL and the feed URL. Comments or questions are welcome also.

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